Accomodation in Kazlu Ruda

The Guest House was opened to our guests on November 3rd, 2013. From 2011, the premises were being renovated and 8 cozy rooms were built, a conference hall, a reception area, and ancillary rooms. All of this takes up just a third of the available area that is currently planned to be used for purposes of the Guest House.

At present, 6 more rooms providing more luxurious stay and just been newly renovated. They are including private toilet and shower facilities, air conditioning and ventilation system and 32' TV. Additionally, are available 4 (2 - double, 1 - tripple and 1 - 4 beds) economy class rooms whitch has shared bathroom facilities to suit your budget.

Guest House Kazlu Ruda was built in the former premises of a company that was called 'Giriu Bizonas'. This total area of this building is over 1000m2.

To better meet the requirements of our clients, we have ventilation and air conditioning systems installed, allowing the rooms to have fresh air in both the summer and winter seasons. There is also cable television.

Photo Hotel in Kazlų ruda


We love animals and welcome you to bring your pets. We know that they are part of your family, too! Your pets might cost additional charge and might be available for economy type of rooms only.


We do not currently have any equipped play rooms for children, but we definitely will in the future and for now, we still welcome your little family members. We are sure they will enjoy staying at our guest house with their parents, as well as having a change of scenery.

Photo Hotel in Kazlų ruda
Photo Hotel in Kazlų ruda

Get familiar with surrounding areas

Kazlu Rūda is rich in its landscape, the forests surrounding it and beautiful lakes and rivers. You can pleasantly spend your time in nature, especially during the summer season. Also, there is an exploratory forest path nearby. The cognitive forest path is a recreational infrastructure, introducing the vast forestlands which house a variety of flora and fauna, and the unique history of this region. The Forest has paths equipped with routes for visitors as well as plenty of information including stands, information brochures and signs in order to become familiariazied with the location. Visitors can also enjoy climbing up to the observation decks that open up to a picturesque horizon, explore the artistic sculptures, and stop by for a rest using the outdoor furniture and arbours. The path is open to all.

The STIHL Rope Park

This park has six climbing tracks, two for children and four for adults. They are marked using different colours. Orange is for the smallest children- no harness is needed, Yellow- for children aged 5 and over, Green- a warm up course for adults, Blue- of moderate difficulty for adults, Red- the most difficult and longest track in the whole park for adults, and lastly, Black- an extreme track, intended only for the most daring adults. The Rope Park has a total of 80 obstacles.

stihl wire park

Our forests

The large forests of Kazlu Ruda are third in size by land area in the southwestern part of Lithuania. Our forests are rich in mushrooms, fruit and medicinal plants. You can also find historical monuments and even a number of archeological monuments (mounds, barrows, ancient burial grounds, repositories), 5 natural monuments- old pines, protected forested stands. In the southern part of the forest we have the ornithological sanctuary of Kazlu Ruda, in the north- the landscape of Lieke, and in the northwest- Novaraistis.

Pasivažinėjimas dviračiais

Mūsų svečių namuose turit galimybę išsinuomoti dviratį - turiningam, sveikam ir maloniam laiko praleidimui.
Dviračiais aplink Kazlų Rūdos aplylinkes galima važiuoti net 40 km ilgio maršrutu, aplankant daug gamtos objektų. Įskaitant miškus, vandens telkinius, naujai nutiestą ir visų pamėtą pėsčiųjų ir dviračių taką Kazlų Rūda – Ąžuolų Būda bei Pažintinį miško taką. Nepakartojama ramybė bei tobulas natūralios gamtos grožis!

Laukiam Jūsų su visa Šeima!

Kazlų ruda hotel bikes
Kazlų ruda hotel forest wallk

Pažintinis miško takas

Pažintinis miško takas - tai rekreacinė infrastruktūra skirta pažintiniam poilsiui, pristatanti miškų urėdiją, atspindinti būdingas miško floros ir faunos vertybes, unikalią krašto istoriją. Miško take yra įrengta maršrutai miško lankymui ir pažinimui su informacine sistema - stendai, informacinės rodyklės, ženklai, apžvalgos aikštelės, pavėsinės, lauko baldai, skulptūros ir kiti, pažintinę funkciją turintys rekreacinės įrangos elementai. Tai suteikia galimybę plėtotis pažintiniam turizmui, vykdyti edukacinę - pažintinę veiklą miške.
Ties apžvalgos aikštele "Rezistencija" takas šakojasi ir atkarpa mišku skirta pėstiesiems - 1 km iki apžvalgos bokštelio, toliau trasos vėl susijungia. Atstumas žygiuojant tik pėstiesiems skirta trasa - 4 km, dviratininkų - 6.5 km.
Takas pritaikytas tiek pėstiesiems, tiek dviratininkam ir yra atviras visiems.

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